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Divide the head hitbox


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While answering another thread, I came upon an idea that I think most people, if not all, will approve of

IMO i think they should cut the head into two hit-box zones, the lower section being face and neck, the upper being the brain. 

It'd return significant use to the brain bucket helmets currently in the game.

if the face was blacked out you'd be unable to use oral consumables (food, water, painkillers, etc) allot the 30 or so health to this.

As for the brain, i wouldn't give it health, just a threshold of 10 to 15 damage. if ever a single hit causes this much damage or more, dead.


this would return usefulness to open face helmets as they currently offer extremely little protection in firefights, and if people complain that it's "too easy" a cop-out, just add additional debuffs for your face being blown off, like sound and distortion, blurriness, blackouts, etc. 


please consider implementing this, I strongly feel that it could restore balance to the whole head shot issue.

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