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Could sure use a death cam after match

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21 hours ago, tanquist47 said:

Also add microtransactions and level-up messages while you're at it.

You whiners have gotten bad habits from playing too much casual garbage.

Seeing your killers name is already too much and should be removed.

I take it you have traded your Gamma to a Alpha or maybe play without a container to be a real hardcore player and only bought EOD to support the developer?

30 minutes ago, bookcoda said:

Your so right.

All these casual Call of Duty playing whiners.

PMCs should die if they ever get hit and we should have to manually go to the bathroom in game.

Yes until we need to take dump in game we can’t really call this a hardcore game..

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Am ‎12‎.‎06‎.‎2018 um 21:23 schrieb zpwarrior:

Sorry if anything, the death cams would push people away from this game more than anything

Why do you think this?

I would liek to see from where i got headshot sometimes. Just to learn and improve my gameplay. Or for the better feelign of knowing it was a desync and not my bad aim or somethign like this.

Such Cam would hurt noone in my opinion if it is aftermatch.

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While I think some of you guys have made good cases for a kill cam, I'm also against it.

Basically I thought of this analogy half way through this thread... :
Have any of you ever been dumped? Did any of you ever try to find out why? If you got an answer was it good enough? Did you ever feel like there was always one more, "but why? but what about..?"

Granted maybe not every one can relate and not every breakup is like that, but not knowing how you died in Tarkov is just that nagging feeling, and sometimes, you're NEVER going to get a satisfactory answer... and that needs to be ok
Sometimes you're like GG, sometimes you're like WTF, and sometimes its a hacker..

Moving forward,
  There aren't nearly as many hackers as people think there are. Yes there are more right now because the worst offenders feel like they dodged the bullet and are feeling fine to go for round 2 following the latest banwave.
If you want to see how you died, see above.

If you want to stop hacks and cheats, how about we find ways that don't involve all the afformentioned problems, complications, manpower to implement and maintain... Or better yet, just leave BSG to figure it out on their own as developers with developer friends and developer lives.

I have a simple idea of just a report button.. will it get abused? Yea, but I trust the devs to be able to sort according to severity and likelihood.... will it help? probably, and its not very cumbersome to the software or dev time. 
It might even make some people feel better anyway, like being able to get your ex's best friend's phone number or something lol.

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Top down simplistic basic route drawn and death/damage indicators Frozen Synapse like re-run of the match would suffice I feel if anything post match would be created. However it's certainly not needed by any means and a kill cam would be useless. 

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As a side note, at the very least I think we need to know the weapon and distance of the kill and to be more clear if it is an AI scav or a player scav.

Often I die and I feel like I just keeled over dead, and I don't know if it is a glitch from a frag going off or it was a bullet I never heard on my screen or what.

Some extra information would be nice, just so we could learn from our mistakes. I don't think a kill cam is entirely needed, at least not yet.

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regarding the arguments above I fully agree we don't need a dead cam IF the anti-cheat works well. I realism game not every time you can clearly know how you dead and who shot you. That is the core of this game, you need to well prepared, fully armed and highly vigilance when you are in a raid. 

I have rise another question, they should add some story to explain why PCMs can be killed so many times...maybe clones...like EVE. Also need to improve the moving actions...just run and jump seems to simple. Also the valuable lootings should spawn randomly...maybe better. People cant just run to the place and escape without pay! 


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