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Attack on operatives of criminal investigation department

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Operatives of the criminal investigation department were attacked yesterday late in the evening while conducting operational search activities in one of the districts of the city. Two police officers were wounded.

According to the investigation, the CID task force were conducting the operational search  activities related to a previously committed crime.

Around 10 p.m., the operatives arrived at 22 Cheluskintsev St, building 1. Interviewing residents of the apartment building, they have reached apartment 142, which residents, over the course of communication, aroused suspicion of the police.

On request of the officers to enter and examine the lodging, its tenants have replied with sudden fire, gravely wounding two police officers and stunning unconscious two more.

One of the wounded police officers eventually managed to call for backup. According to him, the inhabitants of the apartment, as it turned out, no less than six persons, packed their things and left the premises immediately after the attack.

The scene is being investigated at the moment.

The investigators have refused to share any further details, however, according to insider information, operatives could have stumbled upon a safe flat of some illegal armed formation, as can be judged from the evidence found in the premises.

The wounded police officers are currently in the hospital, their condition is assessed as moderately severy and, according to the head physician, their lives are not in danger.

  • French Version of this article can be found here.
  • Polish Version of this article can be found here.
  • Arabian version can be found here.



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