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Unable to change value of Dollars bought from Peacekeeper

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I am experiencing a weird bug(?)..

I want to buy Dollars from Peacekeeper, but when I try to change the amount it does not let me change the default 1 Dollar.
If I try to buy anything else the number input field allows me to modify the numbers of items I want to buy.

I have tried booting my computer and the game, change servers and the problem keeps persisting.
Also I have already bought myself up to 2nd lvl Peacekeeper and now going for the 3rd lvl, so I know it is not account related either.

Just to be clear, the problem of not being able to modify the number amount happens ONLY on Dollars bought from Peacekeeper.

Anyone heard of this before or know what to do or try?

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I just now experienced the same. And this was the first post i found related to it. I cannot simply buy more than one at a time. The amount of dollars is 1 and it cannot be modified or overwritten. It just simply stays at 1 no matter what. It wont change even for a second.

Hopefully it will fix itself and is server related or something :D

Good luck!

+ I am using Europe Servers and only today i encountered this issue

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Thanks for your response!
At least I am not the only one this has happened and neither are you so it is less likely it is our end :)

I have tried following:
- Copying and pasting a number from elsewhere
- Highlighting the number 1 in the field
- Trying to delete and backspace the number
- Input numbers behind the default one and after it

As you said... Nothing seems to work to replace or add to that number 1.

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It seemed to me today that 1 Dollar (100 Rubles) bought would move the counter 0.1K, i.e. 100 Dollar amount
(as if the counter was actually in Rubles like I know it used to be just the symbol being wrong)

When I tested buying and selling anything worth about 100 dollars the counter would also move 0.1K
(as if everything else bought or sold was acting like the counter was in Dollars)

Can someone else confirm this observation please?

I can no longer see the progression since I got to 1M rounded clock sum and next would be 1.1M so I cannot be absolutely sure anymore without potentially wasting a LOT of Rubles...

Accounted for the amount of loss buying and selling for the 500K difference between 1M and 1.5M needed I would have to spend roughly 20 Million Rubles in the conversion process, which would mean I'm stuck at Peacekeeper lvl 2 indefinitely.

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I found about that my friend also has the same issue now


... And with him I could confirm that buying Dollars is 100x more effective in moving that counter than buying/selling items... which means that leveling up Peacekeeper via trading is 100x more difficult than other traders.

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I’ve been buying 1 dollar at a time, only about 2,000 more clicks and I will have spent 800k! Apparently buying 1 dollar bumps you up $100 each purchase.

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