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I love this game so far, one complaint


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Hello guys,

I've bought Escape from Tarkov on Saturday and gave it over 10 hours during the weekend. I have to say - gosh, this game is really good. I like slow-paced tactical shooters so Tarkov is my cup of tea.

When I want to be good in some game I make the study before. So I relatively know Customs map now, have a rough idea where extraction points are when I'm connected into the raid, found some maps with em marked online.

But here is my biggest complaint! This should be a realistic shooter, right? But when you buy the map from a trader and you go to the raid you probably know where you are irl (mark the fcking spawn point on the map). Well, OK I've said to myself, I can orient myself thanks to some landmarks... and whoa, realistic game and there is no compass? What the hell? :D

Anyways, keep up good work devs. 

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Hello sir,

please always before posting check if the topic that you want to discuss wasn't already answered, you can use a search option to check that and for sure you will find topics about compass. So please remember that for next time.

But to answer it again, there will be a physical compass that your character will be able to use during raids. But we got no ETA for that at this moment, so please be patient.

Since the topic has been answered and as I said we got many topics about this one thing, I am locking this one.


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