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Surplus Ammo/weapons Crates

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Purpose of this suggestion:

- keep tidy and save space in the stash
- saving some money
- having that good "unboxing vibe" 
- helping standard editions players.
- support different trading strategies for players: "buy big but seldom"

The idea consist in adding the ability to buy cases of ammunition / weapons, which as long as they are not opened maintain a reasonable storage efficency, and they will (maybe) cost less that  the loose equivalent.

if will be ever implemented ammo conditions, ammo bough in crates will have the less probability of causing jams, same for weapon durability.

some examples:

5.45 ammo crate, 2160 round, stash occupied 3x2 cells, price equal to the 85% of loose equivalent of ammo.

once bought and in the stash, you can open it with an appropriate tool. you have an option to "pick ammo from the box" at groups of 20 rounds, but not to restore ammo in it.

The crate 3D model is already in game.





AKMS crate, 12 rifles and 24 mag, Stash space: 6x4 cells. as for the ammo crate you can pick from it but not restore.





F1 grenade Crate, 20 grenades, Stash occupied 3x2 cells (same as ammo crate)

The crate 3D model is already in game.





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I believe the devs stated ammo quality will be implemented and have effect on your weapon jamming.


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