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FPS Bug unexplained


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I want to bring this to the attention of the Dev Team of Escape from Tarkov. While playing I encountered a Drastic unexpected frame rate drop from 70 and 60ish fps to 30/20/11/9fps. Not sure what happened with the Game and i understand its still in Beta thats why I want to address this concern. 

What Happened?

While at Shoreline more specifically Power Station. I was looting inside main floor and I heard Gun shots to my south. Once that happened Frame rate dropped unexpectedly. I will attach my footage. I dont get the bug in Offline mode and i also get about 20 to 40 more FPS while in offline mode usually sit around 120fps on average

Specs: Kaby Lake CPU i7-7700K OC to 4700Mhz On water / GPU: EVGA 980Ti OC to 1407mhz 

Specs link: Valid Computer Specs Youtube Link: Pillow2k's footage

Thank you


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