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Personal Safe


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We already have special containers for ammo, guns, and medical supplies. So why not add some for cash or other valuable item (statues, bitcoins, rollers, chains)

I was thinking a small 2x2 container that holds 3x3 or 4x4 of valuables, and a 3x3 container that holds either a 5x5 or 6x6 (like the med case) this way you wouldn't need to take up so much space in your stash with money or valuable items that your holding onto for trades or quest. Once you start getting to a higher level and are gaining tons of money, having 30+ slots of your stash consumed by stacks of cash or holding onto 44 slots worth of statues for a quest can be pretty annoying,  so I feel something like a personal safe would be a good quality of life change (instead of just having tons of wallets)


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We already have a case that can store money, it's called Money Case (MCase) here:


As for the BitCoins and other valuables, we have the Items Case (ICase) here:


Plus there is already planned a DogTags Case, dimensions are still unknown.

Please, research some before creating new posts like these.


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Money case can hold bitcoins just not statues, chains, or rollers, that'd be the point of having a personal safe. we have special cases that are purely for meds, purely for ammo, and purely for weapons. So why not add one that's purely for valuables.

 ICase can be sued for anything so it wouldn't make sense to have any of those other cases (med, guns, ammo) but we still have them *edit Pistols can not be put in ICase

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