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Name: MP-43 Type: double barreled shotgun Country of origin: Russia Produced: 1986- current Variants: МP-43E-1C; (possibly other variants) Caliber: 12 Action: single action Feed system: 

"great from hunting to self defense".   I love that word "hunting" , human safaris will be aplenty in this game

This better have a pistol grip without buttstock option along with sawn-off barrels

Posted Images


I'm kinda expecting this shotgun to work in two different ways when it comes down to attachments. I'm kinda expecting us to see the follow:

Hunting Barrel - Between 28-36" long

Coach Gun Barrel - between 18-24" long

Sawn Off Barrel - Under 18" long, sometimes upto 8-12"

With optional stocks that include different wood styles and a Sawn off Grip. It'd nice if you could make a Sawn Off shotgun small enough that it functions much like a Pistol and can fit in a Pistol slot.

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Ok so I was browsing the reddit and found a post saying the shotgun is done but waiting on the code so it can properly load rounds into it without being buggy:  


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