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Tier One Warfare

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The world's premier tactical Escape from Tarkov community.

About us

We are a small, close knit, creative and effective disciplined fighting unit centred around Escape from Tarkov. We utilise and create specialised military techniques which allows our members to operate together without friction for an optimal and successful game-play experience.

We believe that the right combination of tactics, cohesiveness and strategy will enable our security forces to create and maintain safe environments to complete their operations in.

As a result, we are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training, sherpa program management, and any reasonable support. 


What we require

  • Fluent in English
  • A serviceable mic
  • Willingness to work in a tactical team
  • Good, clear communication skills
  • Members with motivation
  • Players with situational awareness
  • A stern competitiveness
  • Understanding of the game
  • Ability to shoot
  • Knowledge of tactics and strategy
  • Ability to execute tactics 


For more information visit our website and our discord.


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Tier 1 - The Tier One role is reserved for members who the command team, staff and Tier One operators believe have a good level of in game knowledge and understanding of real life tactics and good leadership/communication skills.

Operators - Our Operator members that are known by Tier One and above in game and active in the discord. To become an Operator the main areas that staff look for is participation in raids and being active in discord.

Shooters - Our Shooter member class is the base level unknown by Tier One but have shown an interest in the unit. To become a fully fledged regular the primary area members look for is skill and knowledge pertaining to the game.


We specialise in

  • Leader/Commander: Raids consists of a team leader ensuring the safety and extraction of his team. Raids are conducted as a special operation in Escape from Tarkov in which we employ specialised military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover, or damage designated targets.
  • Pointman/Breacher: We use a dedicated Pointman in order to quickly establish an operational formation. A formidable role in which the Pointman must be comfortable selecting routes, methods of entry and paths to extraction. All while being ready to appropriately respond to contact.
  • Area of Responsibility: Each member of the unit is defined an area of responsibility before raids with specific detail in order for us to operate effectively without confusion or hesitation.
  • Objective & Route: We utilise SOP's, detailed mission planning, and intelligence in an attempt to achieve victory and complete objectives. Reduced routine movement, deceptive plans and during movement, dispersion and speed should vary, but movement should be controlled.
  • Ammunition & Equipment: Great detail is taken in preparation for missions, such as the coordination of  ammunition, checking equipment necessary for quests and role specific items.
  • Identifying Features: We predetermine what uniforms and identifying features to use beforehand in order to quickly identify friendly forces in any situation.
  • Medics/Medical Equipment: Employing a medic role ensures that extra medical supplies are brought on missions. Medics are tasked with issuing extra medical equipment if needed. 
  • Tactics & Strategy: We are a creative and effective disciplined fighting force with standardised techniques that allow our members to operate together without friction for an optimal game-play experience.
  • LR Target Acquisition: Long range detection, identification, and location of a target in sufficient detail to permit the effective employment of lethal means.
  • Close Quarters Battle: Dynamic entries, tactical concepts, small unit fire team tactics, offensive actions, methods of entry, speed and violence.
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation: Collecting information, material, and items from a designated location and analysing them to answer information requirements while completing tasks and missions.
  • Gunsmithing/Armourer: We have an in depth and comprehensive understanding of weapon designs, modifications and how to best employ them within a fire team.


Training, individual courses & our Sherpa program

Tier One Warfare offers a variety of training options for "civilians" (Sherpa Program) and contractors (Tier One Qualification). Drawing on the same elite capabilities of our instructors that guide our group and our corporate client, Terragroup. USEC & TOW provides training programs for individuals that range from introductory firearms courses to defensive fighting, gunsmith instruction or our complete TOW Operators Qualification Course.

Courses are provided weekly at TOWs flagship facility in game. The facilities provide an in game-leading variety of ranges and classrooms space, while our Aide Memoire also includes information and lessons for students.

  1. Individual Courses
  2. Operators Qualifications Course
  3. Instructors
  4. Course Schedule


Ethics & code of conduct

Tier One Warfare is committed to being a leading provider of high-quality training and security services, while adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and complying with all applicable regulations. Our values are reflected in the manner in which we train and conduct our operations. You can find more about our code of conduct here.

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