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Just a boss character i thought would be nice.


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So hear me out

I was casually playing some night-time raids with some friends when we came into the the discussion about the new Customs boss and what the furture might hold in this genre of gameplay ("bossfights").

And the idea i had was a Night-time - Boss who only spawns on night (duh) on ALL maps but very Rarely.

But yeah anyway, how nice wouldn't be with a "splitercell" type guy solo creeping around on nighttime raids.

About eq i would think something like a supressed glock as a side ( just for loots like the golden TT) and a MAIN supressed M4 or something similar. 

All Black clothing (obviously) with some cool nightvision with a facemask.


Well thats my idea... What do you guys think about it? Would really enjoy seeing some others point-of-view on this idea.

/ A not so stealhy Ninja.


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