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Leak Material from Podcast #5

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We hope you had a great time during Podcast #5 we had today. As you may already know, we have shared some nice EFT leaks during the podcast. You can find them below for your enjoyment.

If you missed the Podcast, you can watch it all on @Klean's channel by clicking in here: 

The material from the Podcast:




















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The cap goes back on the painkillers I see, will we be able to have Multiple use PKs now? Similar to health kits? For example 5 pills in one Painkiller?

The more use the longer the duration. That would be cool. And most importantly realistic! 

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5 hours ago, undercutian said:

huh so thats how you use a piece of cheese (Ai-2).

This is essentially what an AI-2 is used for, as you can see from the pictures of it they are predominantly used for pill or tablet consumption for bacterial, viral or radioactive scenarios. Which means we could use "A piece of Cheese" for these situations in future additions of the game as they were super common and mass produced especially during war times that threatened the homefront of Russia. Which would play in to future events of adding in Russian soldier AI along with UNTAR AI that maybe added into future events or the main game. It also shows how these medkits could not be used to deal with bleeding as well. Due to their size and more of a mineral defense from dangerous conditions. It wouldnt be able to house medical gauze or bandages for wounds that are inflicted with bleeding effects. Here is a link to the basic information friend about AI-2.


From a BEAR trapped in Hell, Pvt. Sergei Erikson Veselov II. 

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Is it possible that eventually we could see more.... homemade weaponry by anychance, such as Molotovs, pipebombs and so on. In an Apocalyptic scenario, as in just the breakdown of society. You would see such crude weapons implemented. Or even scav gangs fighting scav gangs as we do have 3 (technically 4 factions counting the Scav boss's boys on custom) gangs looting and fighting. It would only make sense that they would. If because you are awaiting to add in the Russian Military or UNTAR and its crazy hard to implement such ideas. I understand, just drunk rambling to my favorite team on the web. 

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1 hour ago, ChristianH said:

Why are there 20€ under the imac? ;)


Nice animations! Cant wait for them

Well, 20€ is 20€.


awesome screens :3

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And what prone animations like in rainbow6 or battlefield5 ? I think only rotating animations when you can lay down on your stomach(when you looking forward)or lay doen on your back(when you need look backwards)

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