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Funny/Strange Scav run stories


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So far I've noticed while doing scav runs I run into either the weirdest things or the funniest things happen to me so I think it's high time we all start sharing our cheeki breeki tales with one another and what gear we walked away(if you survived). 

I'll start with what I can best say is......THUNDERDOME on Customs. 

Going about the usual in a scav run made a wiggle pact with another player scav. Mosey my way over to 3 story dorms after hearing a ton of gunfire hid in a room for a while til I think it's safe enough to loot what's left. Hear some footsteps from outside continue to hide pop out once I hear the sound of people rummaging through pockets and vests i peek out not expecting to won the fight but to maybe just get one guy....I see two and neither has noticed my presence so from everything I assume they're hatch-lings that had a similar idea as me. I line up a shot on the first guy as he had an ak in hand and armor so i figured take him out quickly.  Then I realize they're player scavs but knowing how EFT works in scav runs for players when it comes to how much loot was there wiggle pacts go out the window. I one tap the first guy in the head and unload my pistol into the second. I go looting thinking that those two had killed at least 2-3 of the guys from the firefight that ensued before and as i read the CoD on the tags I found out the pmcs had all killed each other...........long story short 8 men went into the dorms that run.....only one man come out.


2 Scav BP

1 Modded AK 105


1 Commando rig

5 pmc dog tags

GEN 4 Assault armor

1 Kiver

1 COMTACS(peltors are poopy though ;P)

ammo and mags for the guns

assorted meds

and a sense of holy crap

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