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Hello sir,

here is a quote from the latest Q&A about this topic:


Q: Will there be an ability to climb walls and other obstacles?

A: To add parkour we will have to redesign all levels and locations. But we plan to introduce vaulting over small obstacles, like fences or road rails. But I wouldn’t want to introduce climbing a man-height walls.

We got no date for that, but when it will be ready it will be added.

I also recommend you to read the whole Q&A, because you can find interesting answers there:

Do you have any other question, sir?

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So many times I have been killed trying to back-up, re-gather speed, and run and jump over the smallest obstacles. 

Last time it happened it was a night-time map, and I can only imagine my decked-out, highly-silenced assailant chuckling to himself as he took me out. Watching me fail to jump it 3 times before he opens fire and I get pinned down and killed by my mortal enemy: knee-high concrete obstacles... :)



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