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You should probably note: "Incident is @1:28". That first minute and a half was boring.

To answer you.
Naw. This isn't hacks. This happened to me before with AI Scavs in that same area. There is an issue with collisions and the way the scavs read em and my client received them through the server. I saw an AI scav walk 10 feet in the air and when it died it laid there in the air... BUT, my buddies saw the same scav on the ground during this time so it was def a desynch as well.

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1. That was funny

2. That was clearly a hacker or a glitched out NPC

3. Can't really know as we only have your view of the situation.



If only we had a replay system.

10 hours ago, Dead_Nation34 said:

the funniest part is that his back was facing you when he headshot you. This is the dumb crap that need to be fixed ASAP, cause its dumb crap like this that drives ppl away


It snapped around and fired. Instantly.

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