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Bug Report August 2018

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-Items starts blinking when discarded/moved and takes seconds to - eternity to fix so you finally can move it from your inventory (in raid)
-Bugged backpacks. - You can't deposit anything in em even tho bag looks empty. The hidden items can't be discarded or moved until raid is over.
-Extreme desync between server and game making people without armor eat full mags sometimes.
-Super small stash in normal edition making everything counterproductive.
-Scavs glitching stuck in walls making them invulnerable unless you shot them once in the stomach and they glitch free. (atleast w shotgun)
-Corpses gun/hatchet glitching thrue bodys/floors
-Weapon spawns sticking thrue walls/interior - also hard to find in this state.
-Customs whole trailerpark side of the river seems pointless. Bad loot - alot of terrain. Annoying spawns.  (personal)
-If you put a gun to full auto, let it stay on that. Maybe otherwise add a safety to make it more realistic.
-Keys/locks are unrealistic in their behaviour when used. Not synced - lock/key
-Lvl 1 with no progress in gear or stats will face fully kitted lvl 40s which makes everything except shotguns kinda viable. Just look at ammo types available too. I see the raw aspect but --also it makes to me no sense to have these lvl gaps. Every odd is against you as lower lvl.
-Add a option to add items directly from scavrun to PMC character.
-Not being able to press escape (close down) a storage/rig after a scavrun. Possible elsewhere.
-Money/ammo refuses to stack 50% of the time.
-Not being able to use hatchet in certain extraction areas.
-Quick moving knife from knife slot to bag does not work! It says "not enough space". So I have to drag it. 
-Uppon extraction moment (0.0sec left) your gun moves unrealistic just before loading onto menu again.
-Raid times are confusing around 06:00/18:00. Should be great with a icon showing day or night for less confusion. Spawning in on a dark map without vision is extremely frustrating.
-Consumed IFAK does not mean icon in hotbar goes away (UI) -same goes for every other item.
-Game will always stop responding during map loading if game is tabbed down. (1070, i5,16gb ram, 100fps)
-Not being able to open bags to sell items inside the bags while at trader menu.
-Can not move unexamined items (attachments/mods) from scavrun to inventory. for example. taking off the pistol grip.
-There are two different pictures for OKP-7 Reflex sight. One has a mount on it. Doesn't say so and you can't remove the mount from the OKP-7.
-Can't unload mags from gun to inventory if gun is also in inventory unless you inspect it and drag it out. (only if you don't have backpack or rig)
-Dead bodies does not have a hitbox.

Have in mind that I have around 100 hours in raid time this wipe so i'm not a complete noob x)

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Hello sir,

thank you for gathering all that in a list, but please send a detailed report to our support center through the game launcher.

You can see the instruction how to do that in the topic that I am sharing below:

Thank you for every report.

Since the topic was answered, I am locking it.


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