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Gun stops working or hackers


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It has happened several times where ill be spraying someone with my AKM and the bullets either are not registering or they're health hacking or something but this is getting ridiculous! Please fix this bug asap! I keep losing where i shouldn't because the lack of diligence and proper game functionality. All I ever see is the developers adding new guns and new mods. Like I really don't care. Just make this game "playable", please! Please fix this issue. I have a laundry list of game bugs that i can rattle off so please work on FIXING the game before considering adding more content. Procrastinating the important parts of the game over pilling on more content is irresponsible and negligible. Please, I really do think this game is such a neat idea, it would be such a shame to see it succumb to such ignorance. 

Thank you,


PS. Ill try to record some "game" footage to further support this claim. My HDD isn't too large so I'll have a hard time doing this but I'll at least try.

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Same here. Dunno if it's cheat or what but just ambushed 2 guys and sprayed them with AK. Player that was supposed to die just froze and same with other. And suddenly I was the one that got killed. Sadly i was not recording but there is screenshots. Somehow killing times do not show now in the kill list.

2018-08-19[21-29] (0).png

2018-08-19[21-28] (0).png

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