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The Ultimate SCAV experience

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so player can as usual choose as SCAV but
  with one big difference, player doesn't need to
  control same SCAV until it dies, he can
  just switch between any SCAV on the map,
  take control it and play, and if he dies he
  can just switch again to another SCAV,
  that would make SCAV gameplay longer and
  more intertaining, because AI SCAVs can be
  boring but player controlled SCAV can be
  much more challenging, so that normal
  players would never know whether that SCAV is
  AI, or it was AI minute ago and now its another
  player, or it was a player but now its AI,
  so that would make it more intimidating and
  more intertaining

also, even more, when PMC player is killed he
  can choose to quit as usual or to continue playing
  taking over one of remaining SCAVs

  there could even be a "free to play" version
  of the game where you can only connect and
  play as a SCAV, without any loot or stash, just
  roaming around the map, but because its "free"
  that would stimulate more people play as
  SCAVs and that in turn will make the
  game world more action packed, no need to write
  complicated AI for SCAVs just make use of
  hordes of random people playing "free" version
  and success is inevitable







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I've only read the first sentence and its an idea but no offence a terrible one. It's an interesting idea though... no. like scavs are easy to kill and that's the point they a supply of low end loot for the PMCs i think they should become harder though this would take the difficulty out of the developers hand which is dumb. Also if you die now you know where he is! and you get another scav and boom. This could be a mod for offline mode. 

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