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Lifeguards are searching for the industrial divers gone missing in the Norvinsk port


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Lifeguards are searching for the industrial divers gone missing in the port.

According to the press service of Norvinsk regional EMERCOM of Russia, a contact was lost with two industrial divers carrying out underwater repair works at pier #3.

As reported by lifeguards, the port representatives responsible for repairs have called them in a timely manner, immediately after the loss of communication; moreover, the works manager estimated that there was enough oxygen in cylinders to last 30-40 more minutes.

However, swift actions on the emergency site yielded no results - the divers were not found at the designated location of the works, and further search was hindered by low visibility and growing dusk. An hour later, the underwater search operation was suspended until dawn. Nevertheless, the lifeguards went on for three more hours, searching the coastline and coastal industrial equipment, but also to no avail.

This morning the search was continued, but now it can be said with great deal of certainty that divers were killed as a result of a tragedy of some kind, and finding them alive would be a miracle.

The port authorities stated that divers were conducting welding works on strengthening the underwater metal structures, both divers were professionals who had all the necessary documents and certificates for this type of activity, as well as a great diving experience. It was also noted that the management of the works fully complied with all the relevant safety regulations.

In regional investigation committee informed that after the divers or their bodies are discovered, a check will be run to determine the degree of responsibility of concerned parties.

Divers’ names have not been announced.

French translation can be found here.
Arabian translation can be found here.
Dutch translation is here.


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Great read! Will this be a location in the game? Will we be able to answer the mystery in game? What do you guys think happened to them? Why were their bodies never found? Did they have a family? How big is the port? Do you think they were murdered. Do you think it was just an accident?

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it was jaws or a sci fi movie mutated octopus lol who knows they could of been grownup nap? and who ever took them is trying to get info from them  any thing is possible ! someone could of watched when they dive and took them out and stuff the body's some where ?   so many ways  and if this is  in the game watch u see a diver hanging   like a scary movie j /k lol good stuff so far keep it up it boggles the mind what happen to those divers ?????

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Korean translation:


구조대원들은 항구에서 사라진 산업잠수사들을 찾고 있다.

Norvinsk 지역에 위치한 EMERCOM 회사의 발표에 따르면. 두명의 산업잠수사들이 #3 부두 물밑에서 보강 용접 작업을 하던도중 갑자기 연락이 두절됬었다고 했다.

연락이 두절된 직후, 구조대원들은 즉시 항구 관리자에게 연락을 취했었고 #3 부두의 수리 총 책임자는 그들이 앞으로 30~40분 정도의 숨 쉴 수있는 산소분량만 가지고 있을 것이라고 추측했다.

하지만 안타깝게도 비상사태에대한 신속한 조치에도 불구하고 결과는 좋지못했다. 산업 잠수사들은  지정된 장소에서 발견되지 않았고,

날이 저물어가면서 낮아진 시야거리가  더 넓은 지역에 대한 수색을 방해하고 있었다. 그렇게 1시간동안 추가수색을 했지만 그들을 발견할 수 없었고 밤이됨에 따라 수색작업은 잠정 중단되었다.

하지만 몇명의 구조대원들은 해안지대와 항구 주변을 좀 더 3시간 이상 수색했지만 역시 아무것도 발견할 수 없었다.

다음날 아침부터 수색은 다시 시작되었지만 구조대원들은 그들이 더이상 살아있다고 생각조차 할 수 없었다. 만약에 살아있는채로 구조 된다면 그것은 기적과도 같을 정도였다.

항구 당국은 산업 잠수부들이 수중 금속 구조물을 보강하는 용접 작업을 수행하고 있었으며,

두 다이버 모두 훌륭한 다이빙 경험뿐만 아니라 이러한 유형의 활동에 필요한 모든 서류 및 증명서를 소지 한 전문가였고,

또한 그들은 모든 관련 안전 규정을 완벽하게 준수했었음을  강조 했다.

Norvinsk 지역 조사위원회는 잠수사들이 발견 될때까지 책임을 묻진 않겠지만 잠수사들이 발견된 후에 누구에게 책임 이있는지에 대해 결정 할 것이라고 발표 했으며, 

잠수사들의 이름은  발견 될때까지 공개 하지 않겠다고 발표했다.


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