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FPS drope with scopes argument


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I've read some Topics on Forum about FPS drop Scope issue and I don't think it's just Unity Engine problem, I think it is a design issue.  I've used Unity Engine casually and I think I know what is the problem.

So in many games like "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield" when you use scope I believe it's simply change in FOV but in EFT it works differently cousing a massive drop in FPS. I believe that in EFT aiming is made by making other "camera" in a scope so the game is rendered twice becouse you got "eyes" of a player and a scope rendered at the same time.

I understand how changing 2X cameras into simply lowering FOV could affect the gameplay in negative way becouse you don't see what is happening around you but I think it's better than dropping 40% of FPS.

I'm not a specialist in anyway but this is my thoughts about this issue.

Thanks for reading

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