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Auto-mod weapons profiles

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Hello Developers and community.


I have a suggestion, intended to make, dying and gearing back up, a bit easier. I couldn't find any other topic regarding this as I did a search.

Consider this, a one-click, buy all mods and attach them, button for weapons or helmets or anything else that requires/allows some type of modding to it.

It would work something like this:

The simple version:

You have a maximum of, let's say 5 profiles, which you freely could use, change, edit etc. for 5 items (weapons and armor).

Each profil you pick the weapon you want to use, the mods you want to have on this weapon etc. and save it. Next time you need this weapon, you just click on a button and the game will automatically buy the weapon and mods (unless you already have it and some of them in your stash, and you of course have unlocked the items or weapons with the traders) and make the weapon ready to use as you wanted it.

The advanced version:

Same as above, only as a complete loadout. Meaning weapon, armor, tactical rig, medics, ammunition, mags, etc. etc. - On-Click ready to raid button.

This will remove some of the time wasted, re-modding a weapon, buying armors, helmets etc. you just lost in the previous raid, which after playing through several wipes and deaths lol can become quite a time consumer.

If it's possible, technically in the game? I don't know, I just think it would be a nice way to better the frustration of dying, after you spent some time building your loadout.

This is not intended as a removal of the current way of modding your stuff, but just a supplement, for those that already know which loadout they prefer and just want to raid as much as possible.

What do you think?

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Being able to have 5-8 preset loadouts to quick-purchase before raid (something like insurance screen) would be so perfect for this game. one thing that I hate about dying is not losing my gear, but having to go back and fourth between traders to get the loadout again, or make a new one. 

Ideally I would make a loadout for each map plus some cheap takes too. This would also benefit the mastering of weapons, as players would stick to their loadout choices more often. BSG Should sincerely look into this. It could very much keep the servers and game flow busy. 

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