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Post dealth damage report


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It would be great if you added how the ammo of how you died and/or how much damage was done to limbs. This could be a bit difficult since you it should only be the last burst that pops up but one solution is that every time you heal, you clear the stack/priority queue containing the previous damage received and put a single item that says "previous damage received" or something and contains all previous damage. example:


previous damage received: 61,(left arm, right arm,chest)

7.62 bp: 51(left arm)

7.62 bp: 51(right arm)

7.62 bp: 110(left arm black)

7.62 hp: 250(left arm black)


This would make deaths way less frustrating since you will know if your armor worked or not. (Another improvement is to see how much the damage the armor prevent, but that can be a future update). It would also let you get a better idea of what type of  ammo to use and insight on why you died.

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and they can also add a visual image like the one you have ingame but with colours and dots of where the most hits were.

and also one for your own accuracy on other people  '30 shots fired '  '12 hit'  + a visual image of a human body with the hit patern

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Yea I’d like to not only see body part hit damage break down.


but split that between which players. I’m tired of hitting people in the teeth to see them kill me and get a broad number mixed with all my kills...


id sleep better at night knowing shooting people

in the face or spending a whole mag to their chestnut or legs is going to kill them after I die.. 

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