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Beauty in Tarkov

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Hello all fellow Tarkovians,

Tarkov has had some beautiful moments of sunrise and sunsets. Some beautiful scenes of abandoned building, the shore, the forest and many more. We all have experienced it from time to time.

I was thinking of starting this thread so that we all can share the beautiful moments/scenery of tarkov with each other and admire the beauty of the game.

I hope we all take a second to take snapshot of the game which will also let others admire and have a glance of dazzling backdrop of Tarkov.



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5 minutes ago, Kingpin25 said:

haw many fps You have ?

Not sure if your asking me? If so i get anywhere from 75 - 100 FPS .... Usually sits around 80 FPS but yeah the FPS is a little erratic most of the time.

Desktop Screenshot 2018.10.10 -

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2 minutes ago, ATOJAR said:

Nie jestem pewien, czy pytasz mnie? Jeśli tak, to dostanę od 75 do 100 FPS .... Zwykle siedzi około 80 FPS, ale tak, FPS jest trochę niekonsekwentny przez większość czasu.

Zrzut ekranu pulpitu 2018.10.10 -


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