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"Well, aren't we gifted! All of these fancy guns lying around, from PDW's to ravaging nutcases with LSW's at that damn Mall. But, something has been gnawing at me recently. How did we just get an iconic bolt action that has spilled blood on these lands so recently, I mean. It would make sense these would be the first weapons of war used for these lawless lands. Hmh, think I found the answer, the MYSTERY... If you will. There are rumors floating around about some lads that use to work at some factory district, fenced off, cranking out crude classics for people to kill one another with. Seems even scrap metal can still give the punch it needs in the Motherland. Might want to head over there and give a looksee. Might be a special someone that could get you cheap kits to help ya survive."

I introduce you, to a rugged man named The Forge. A metal worker that had a hobby of gunsmithing. With a crew and the right tools first snagged during the whole crazy debacle. Theyve been arming themselves with easily crafted guns of old. From freshly minted TT-33, Mosin rifles to maybe something special along the road like iconic world war 2 smgs and so on. A fun idea none the less with a little role play element to spice the idea up. 

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10 hours ago, mockingbird said:

Yeah, we totally shouldn't get the colt 1911, or the SVT40, or the TT, or the Mosin... oh wait.

I'ma be a douche and use the slippery slope arguement and say don't ADD anymore WW2 guns because the ww2 nerds won't stop at nothing untiö we are all fighting the battle of stalingrad again.

I should've specified that no WW2 guns that aren't readily available in russia (unlike tokarev and mosin etc). Everytime someone mentions ww2 guns it's always "add m1 garand/thompson/mp-40"

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Well, given that Tarkov is supposed to have a metric funkton of guns, I think any WW2 stuff will simply be buried by the more recent stuff which will perform better, have better and more plentiful ammo as well as attachments.

I'm not too keen on an mp40 or a thompson in the game as well, but since we'll most likely be getting the PPSH, Stalingrad reenactment is not that far off. 

I think it's a good line to draw with weapons that are no longer in production and no longer get any aftermarket stuff, like modernized stocks.

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