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||||| Gaming for Military, Prior Service & Veterans |||||

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The Largest Gaming Network of United States Military personnel, Prior Service & Veterans wishes to extend invitation to those who gratefully serve, or have served the United States of America.

- Military Spouses & Dependents are Welcome!
- Gold Star Family Members, we Welcome and Support You!
- Police, Firefighters & Medical Personnel are Welcome!
- Persons aged 17+ considering Military Service Welcome!

We are a proud veteran-operated gaming community without toxic leadership. Military chaplain and veteran peer support services are available. We have the player base to support all mainstream games to include, but not limited to: 

- Escape from Tarkov
- Fallout 76
- Insurgency
- Ring of Elysium
- R6 Siege
- Squad/Post Scriptum
- SCUM (64 Slot SCUM Server)- A private 64 slot SCUM server with ongoing player-versus-player and faction based warfare is available for use. No other Veteran-Affiliated discord gaming group offers this free benefit to their community!


Find us on DISCORD:



Largest Veterans Gaming Group in the Nation
381 Soldiers
198 Marines
99 Sailors
94 Airmen
21 Coast Guard

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I would like to join and play tarkov if possible, both iraq and afghan vet, still in. 

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I'd like to join, U.S. Navy vet. MM3/E-4

with two WESPAC deployments and honorable discharge.

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