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Changing individual laser tactical mode in stash and ingame

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So I am finding this one little detail quite annoying. Whenever i enter the game with more than one laser/flashlight on my weapon(directly on AR or on sprut shotgun) they often are on different settings (very often using X400 flashlight because its cheap and works well).

So the problem is whenever they are at a different setting, and pressing CTRL-T cycles the mode, but it cycles the mode for all the current tactical equipment. Currently the way to work around this is to detach all but 1 laser, put it in the preferred mode, take it off and attach another one and so on.
this is very time consuming and should very easily be fixed.
Its obviously coded into the game what mode each tactical laser/flashlight is in, because it stays in the same mode when entering another raid.

My suggestion is to add a right click menu "mode" with the option to select each mode individually for each laser/flashlight.

this way one should also be able to select the preferred mode in the stash, before even entering the raid to avvoid unnecessary time and noise at spawn.


It should easily be implemented in the right click menu of each laser



i know its a little issue, but it should be an equally easy fix


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I was just to lazy to make this post but yes i agree.
I hate when looting a laser and putting it on the weapon it has different mode on to the others.
Maybe they can jsut make it so the added lasers go into same mode. (Ok this only works if it is the same laser or flashlight)

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