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Alternative way to obtain BitCoins


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System Mechanic: "Hacking": Loot any computer in the game, and deposit required components, including a USB as the "hack tool" and number of HDD's into the computer's inventory system. Power on the computer with an additional drop-down menu, protect the computer while it does it's work. For each Drive added, the scan should take, say, 60 seconds for base level Hacking, and 30 seconds for max tier Hacking. Each HDD would have a pre-defined chance of generating bitcoins into the USB. After extracting, the player can turn in the USB to a daily quest-giver for bitcoins (based on how many HDD successfully hacked), and a fresh USB.


> In-Game Computer

> 1x CPU

> 1x RAM

> 1x PSU

> 1x USB

> 1+ HDD

Potential Benefits: Allows for more quests targeted at finding "special hard drives" or "hack specific computer". Additional, unknown "risk" factor for hard drive trade-ins. Nothing vital enough to stop you from trading, but an after-thought. Grants a more guaranteed way to make money in a high-risk high-reward system. More competition for computer parts. Could increase difficulty for new players trying to find game hacks ;)

Tweaks: Could require X successful hacks per USB before trade-ins for pre-defined bitcoins. Would allow the item to be a trade-in instead of quest turn-in. Hacking could instantly generate bitcoins in the machine. Amount of hacking per HDD could be successful per-HDD, rather than require multiple.

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it easier to make the (Mechanic) give a daily task with bitcoin rewords 

like the FARMING tasks series (mostly fetching computer part from the raids)


first just saying we are PMCs not Hackers

second  Mechanic the only one in Tarkov who have internet (the last task for Therapist tell you that)

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Pretty sure BSG already announced that there will be Bitcoin mining rigs once they add the Hideout. I don't have time right now to research that rumor though so you might need to look that one up for yourself

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