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Am I too bad?


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I've resetted my account for like 3 times and yet I'm having problems with my performance in this game and it's making me feel bad actually. Because I don't know if I just have to get used to dying in this game yet It's so annoying to have gear on you and get randomly one tapped while you hit headshots and nothing happens. It's not a complaint don't get me wrong, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Would you guys, the community, give me any suggestions about how can I increase my survival rate after the wipe? Thank you.


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NOW the game is very hard for new players because of the all geared lvl40+ players 

but after the wipe it will be easy to play 

my advice is to play it as PVE only (get the match and wait in some safe place for some time then go for hunting the AI scavs) just dont forget to bring some water with you

go to shoreline or woods map for start (customs is the most danger map now)

also watch a lot of EFT videos on youtube it the safe way to get knowledge for the maps and loot spawns   

25 minutes ago, HydeTheGlorious said:

you hit headshots and nothing happens

most players now can have easy access to class 4 helmets with face Shields  (Fast MT or Atyne helmets)

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start using PACA / Kolpac/ Big AK or SKS and play it slow to start.. make sure you throw an optic on the weapon if you can and bring in enough meds and painkillers to be able to leave quickly if you get lit up.. oh yeah dont forget a bottle of water in case you get your stomache shot out

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Don't ever reset your account unless you are level 40+ and get bored. You lose all your progress in your skills (which make the game a bit easier) and your level to be able to buy better gear and guns.

If you run out of gear just play scav, go on the big maps where it's less likely to run into people. Remember where all the good loot crates are and keep looting those.

If you play PMC, just do your quests with minimal gear. You don't have to always buy a vest with 5 mags and backpack etc. Semi-auto shotguns that you get from scavs are cheap to run and effective, especially in early game.

Survival rate doesn't matter all that much. The game takes a long time to learn, you just have to play a lot. If you're from the US try the server "Beauharnois" which you can select in the launcher, that server is very empty always.

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A few things. One, run with a group when possible since it will increase your K/D and survival ratings quickly. Two, don't reset as many people have pointed out that you lose xp in skills that are necessary to boost your stats (like aiming). Three, find someone who is good at the game and ask them to teach you. 

My biggest issues originally was fear. Gear fear, fear of dying, fear of not knowing a map, etc. I got over all that by being more aggressive and asking people who knew maps to take me there and do Scav/PMC runs just to learn the map.

I take out multiple enemies using an M9 without a armor/helmet now. I do it by hitting headshots constantly. It took me forever to learn to calm down, push instead of being pushed, and shoot while continuing to move toward the head. Firing while adjusting aim does two things. Scares the enemy and does damage while moving to the kills shot unless you aren't detected yet. Then you should take your time.

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