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RAM Usage


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Hi all,

I'm just wondering does anyone else have a RAM "flood" problem? It just started for me today, before that I had no problems since 3-4 patch ago? And yes, I have 32gb of RAM, so it's enough :)

I was playing as a scav just and the game crashed since my ram usage exceeded and I was not able to join back game as a scav, weird..

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I've had the same problem since the latest patch although i only have 16gb ram, but the 16 have ben working well and now im having the same amount of lagspikes i had back when i only had 8gb

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try a fresh install of the OS, also make sure all RAM have the same characteristics (mhz,etc) because it may be an issue sometimes.

Also using virtual memory is kind of good but best to upgrade RAM instead of "workarounds".

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Aww.. nice... yesterday i run tarkov and in first raid.. after 30secs RAM usage rise to 100% and the game freeze.. reinstalled.. nothing change.. any idea? 16gb of ram. 



It's boring, i feel scare of every update... "we are adding many of new items and mods! But now you can only run on one foot with your hands in the air or game will close"... xD 

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A little tip that worked for me. I've got a 1060 6GB GPU and 32GB RAM at 3000Mhz; disabling post-processing, SSAO, anti-aliasing and similar helped me a bit. However, EFT has a great system usage (partly due to Unity engine) and needs a better optimization on several fronts.

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