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Healing bugs out - animations cycle and cannot heal at all

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This is already the second time that my healing animations got stuck and go on forever without healing.  I find myself bleeding to death and limping, but my Car kit will not heal me, my character just keeps bandaging his hand forever. Just before this, I had tried to take the sprut with two flashlights off of an m153 into my blackrock, and it bugged into the item flashing mode.  I could not change weapon, or reload, just move loot around.  I waited a bit, tried spamming the reload button and the melee button, and then eventually used alt-f4 to relog.  It seemed OK when I relogged, but that was when I discovered that my healing animations were bugged again.  There was no time to relog as my opponent drew closer, and neither my morphine nor my car now the A2 I had picked up would heal me at all.  And so I died and lost my stuff and XP in an otherwise great raid.  It happened the first time on Shoreline, and the second time on Customs.

(I submitted this detail as a bug through the launcher.  It didn't ask me to upload any game logs, but it took some time to upload so I think they all went anyway.)

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