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Ideal bosses and or quests to introduce players to newer/rarer items and weapons


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Just a quick suggestion before you let players loose with grenade launchers. Dont make it TOO easy for them to get a hold of. Introduce a new boss with his own set of goons that are more geared than Dealmaker. Corruption I bet would take place within the lore of Tarkov, so introduce a corrupt UNTAR squad who defected after gaining the rights to the cashes of UNTAR weaponry and armor. After they had been discovered selling these weapons shipments to those who are willing to pay top dollar for them. He would be equipped with the NATO weapon M320 Grenade Launcher. It would be fairly balanced unlike under barrel grenade launchers. Explosive weapons within itself is already fairly overpowered with its one hit mechanic in a certain range of the blast. So keep it to one shot, hard to find, easy to jam weapon but have a fair range and explode on impact. 


Yes I understand that M320 is an under barrel grenade launcher. But this is just an example. Make it a primary weapon within itself.

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