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Are you trying to make the game, A,  have realist bullet physics or, B, only half, as in you just want realistic bullet pen, but not realistic bullet flight?  As this picture shows, currently you have UNrealistic bullet flight.  Before I ramble, if the answer is B, then disregard EVERYTHING after this point.  This picture proves you have no clue about realistic bullet flight.  Notice at the 200m zero the bullet passes the 50m mark.  Now, this is just an M4, the AK round may have slightly different trajectory, but it will be clear if you continue reading.  The Default AK sights is 50, 100, 150, 200.  When the sight is set to 50m on the AK, you're ALREADY aiming UP, and the bullet comes down ALREADY around 220m, give or take 10m as I've never fired an AK IRL, just M4/M16/M249/M240B,MK19, you get the picture...US Army stuff, but in the game when you set the zero to 200m, you're RAISING THE BARREL three more clicks!  That means you NOW have a 300+ meter zero.  It makes NO logical sense if you're going for option A!

So, hopefully this helps clear up what you need to do to fix your physics, assuming your goal is option A.  [Edit fixing pic link]

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