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Can we turn the anti hacking back on please?

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Just got killed by #removed#who was half under ground, speed hacking and walking through solid objects.
You claim there is anti hacking in place, and you ban anyone who hacks, but jeese…..You are kinda dropping the ball here.

We already have Scavs that are invisable, can shoot out all of your limbs with a single pistol shot, and that can vanish when you shoot them.
Do we need players that can do the same?

Either turn it on, or stop claiming that it is in place.

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You do realize no anti-cheat is perfect right? And you do realize people actually have to have the hack running or installed on their system (depending on the anti-cheat) to ban them right?

Jesus, it's like nobody understands how anti-cheats work or that you can't be rid of 100% of hackers because they will continually find weaknesses in the system and exploit them. No system is perfect. If it was, you wouldn't have huge companies like the PSN getting DDOS attacks or banks getting hacked into and customer information stolen.

Wake up, and stop having unrealistic expectations.

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Hello sir,

our Anti-Cheat system is working and we are constantly updating it.

Also we are banning cheater daily, everyone he decided to go this way will be banned.


Please remember that we do not allow name&shame on our Forums, sir.


Since the topic was answered, I am locking it.


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