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Suggestions for better testing/debugging

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We are in a beta state of the game and we (beta testers) need more tools on the field for us the beta testers for diagnosing a lot of fishy situations that we encounter. Otherwise, people trend to blame the wrongs things and that leads to subjective stories about what happened and we all know that as a report that would take more to process and digest into a clear technnical resolution of what is really happening.

CSGO is a great example, they have tons of commands that display in-game visuals that helps players to test things or known bugs and provide a richer video evidence of what's happening under the game's hood in that particular moment.

Here is a great example of a player from the community showing how to reproduce a bug using commands and visual tools in a short video. Here is a complete list of all the commands available in the game as a reference.

Now I'd like to suggest the following features that would help beta testers on providing more concise evidence:

Play "offline" with friends
This would work as a basic sandbox to test the netcode, stress, scavs, items, in-game ui, etc. Even would help a lot for Sherpas with students with gear fear to overcome. The set of options for scavs/environment that is planned is really appreciated too. The possibility of adding scavs where the crosshair is pointing at would be awesome to create more specific scenarios and save us the time of finding scavs going to their known locations. Noclip to test boundaries/collisions would be amazing too.

Black Squad practice mode with hotkeys for placing bots and toggle projectile


Hitreg detection debugging tool
This one is absolutelly neccesary. We need a command/that allow us to see bullet trayectory and hit registration to differenciate missed shots, flesh/armor hits xor missed hit by bad hitreg. When this options is enabled, lots of animations and situations can bring possible causes of known issues, like a hitbox missaligned when prone on a barrel while looting a bag ot shots that vissualy hit armor but flesh only take damage or not damage at all. At the moment, we're all speculating ("I dump a 60 mag on that PACA guy and he didn't die!") and it's hurting the perception of our firefights and the reports that come afterwards, covered in subjetivity instead of technnical facts displayed by the game itself. This would work in a similar way for grenades to test blast radius and damage taken on differents situations/gear/cover involved. Also, it would help a lot to test/practice sprays/recoil and sniping/zeroing when playing offline mode. 

CSGO with sv_showimpacts command enabled.


This is just the main features I'd love (and need!) to see implemented on EFT to make testing less stressful and easy. I know I'm asking for a lot that possibly is not on your roadmap, but I strongly believe that this tool would ease a lot the testing process from both ends.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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