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Prestige ranks ideas


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I'm lvl 38 right now, grinding fot that lvl 40 to get that satisfaction on unlocking the last traders. I've been following the game since a long time but I have only one wipe in my records. Here are my suggestions about what happens when you reach the higher levels.

Prestige, let the grind continue
Prestige can be adquired once you reach lvl 50 so experience gained from quests is not going to be enough, so you'll have something to grind for. Once you reach lvl 50 some things would change:

  • You'll be back to lvl 1 but prestige rank 1.
  • Your ingame name would change to a different color along with an icon that indicates your prestige level, it would also be displayed on the forums.
  • You won't lose anything from your stash, but you will be asked if you want to wipe it (with a "are you really really sure" popup).
  • You'll receive a package with some gear (starter if you wiped your stash) and a unique cosmetic item that is wearable but unlooteable for others. (it can be a mask/helmet so prestige players would be more vulnerable to headshots but hey, it would look so cool!).
  • Play as a Scav Boss: You'll have a Scav Boss (with random good gear) to play with. It would have a 24hs reset timer and you won't keep anything the boss has when escaping, it's just to have some fun playing and giving the opportunity to others to loot the treasures you have.
  • Game will ask you if you want to become a Sherpa, just an opt-in to promote the program and give you something new to do now that you're a legend around Tarkov.
  • You'll be able to match against prestige players only when going into a Raid or playing in the Arena (soon™).

This is how I'd think prestige would work on EFT, as you can see, there's nothing besides some gear that gives a meh advantage, I wanted to be all cosmetic/feature wise as possible. Remember that by the time the game is released and this is implemented it the game would have way more content/maps and modes to play, such as the Arena.

What do you guys think? What would you change? What's missing here? Leave a comment!

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6 minutes ago, DirtyDino said:

Might be a good idea instead of wipes, at different levels you unlock rare gear or rare camouflage pattern gear or something along those lines

The wipes are kinda a needed development thing its not done "just" to keep people playing. They are used to clear all the money and items that may keep weird values from older versions among other things.


If you mean more of a season type thing with rewards going to the highest levelled people or everyone who gets past certain milestones at the end of each wipe i guess that might work as an incentive to keep people coming back.


The whole prestige rank idea is not a bad one but it might need some changes to the current exp system to work along the lines of how much is needed to reach each prestige rank and how progress is maintained thought the wipes. 

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