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Commodities Market


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This market would only consist of Commodities defined as only pristine single items (100% durability) absent of nested item. (no loaded mags, no functioning guns since many parts are required, no bundles)

Trade on the commodities market would be only in Roubles (for simplicity) the other currencies being commodities themselves.

This market could be implemented over the current flea market. (with a filter show only Commodities)


The features would be:

  • Offers to sell a quantity of a commodity for a set price. 1 up to all the of the same item in the player in inventory can be put up in the commodities market. (current flea market offer in roubles that apply to the definition of commodities would be included) (exemple: the player can put up 3 MBSS Backpack for 70 000 Roubles each)
  • But also offers to buy a said commodity for a set price. 1 up to all the player roubles could be put in the offer, these offers should be listed after/before the sells offers in the item category. (all the current dealers offers should be included in this market) (exemple: the player can put up the roubles to buy 3 MBSS Backpack for 65000 Roubles each)
  • Like a real market player could decide to post a new offer and wait fulfillment, or fulfill a current offer and trade immediately (buy or sell)


The filter "Show only Commodities" should only show best offers, no preferred offers here, being only the lowest "selling price" and highest "buying price", with an optional required quantity. (if the best offer is only 2 items and I need 5 show me the next best offer until a qty of at least 5 is shown.) that way the player can mentally average the prices of multiple offers to get an adequate portrait of this item market. (reasonable quantity for different type of items should be defaulted, best price for qty10 of each item, consumable could show 100, and ammo 1000)

A future Advanced features could allow to sell nested item to the market. not sure how to deal with damaged Items. Nested items would split apart automatically and all the individual parts be match with the market best offer for immediate liquidation.

This systems would:

  • Offer the possibility of immediate market trade (buy or sell)
  • Permit a better picture of the health of each ingame item market with the limited number of offers shown.
  • Help convey the real value of each ingame items,
  • Show the spread between ask and bid prices and market volume of items, (lower volume usually increasing the spread)
  • curb the scam offers from the flea market.


Finally the game designer could influence and control the market and item spread (bid/ask difference) with spawn frequency and ingame dealers, dealers having virtually infinite money to buy items, would set floor price. ceiling price for dealer with ALot of some items.


The current flea market can remain for non commodities like: barter, modded guns, half loaded mags, broken body armor and partly used IFAK.

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