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How to ask for a SHERPA ?

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Hello Escapers, in this topic, you will find every informations needed in order to request a sherpa.

You will also find a lot of additional information on what to select in your requests.  





What is a sherpa ?

A Sherpa is an experienced player who can be requested to teach newcomers the nuances of Escape from Tarkov. From basics to advanced tactics & training.(More Info on Sherpa Program Here )

How to ask for a Sherpa ?

You can request a raid with a Sherpa using this link : Sherpa Request

Here you can choose a Sherpa to receive your raid request :


If you select "Any" in the list, then every Sherpas will receive that request.
I suggest you leave it set to "Any" for the beginning, also do not forget to put a message in the message box so we can see which language you are are native in.

Once this is done, you can choose your combat style.


If this is your first request you will receive a in game message with one of the following loadout kits :

  • Assault BEAR : AK74 + MP443 + Blackrock Vest + MBSS Backpack + 2 Mags/weapon + ammunitions 5.45mm + AI2 and Bandages
  • Assault USEC : M4A1+ P226+ AVS Vest + MBSS Backpack + 2 Mags/weapon + ammunitions 5.56mm + AI2 and Bandages
  • Recon BEAR : PP19 + MP443 + Sniper scout Vest + MBSS Backpack + 2 mags/weapon + ammunitions 9mm + AI2 and Bandages
  • Recon USEC : MP5+ P226 + Commando Vest + MBSS Backpack + 2 Mags/weapon + munitions 9mm + AI2 and Bandages
  • Sniper : Mosin PU + MP443 + Vest + MBSS Backpack + 2 Magsweapon + munitions 9mm + AI2 and Bandages

    Then, you need to enter your communication preferences ( discord , teamspeak , etc.)
    With it, please add your communication Nickname (with discord make sure that you put in your message you ID number after your username).


It can be for example your Discord nickname or your Skype nickname, the most important is to enter a valid way to reach you. Please make sure to check your account often, so the Sherpa may be able to contact you.

The 'Raid Days' option is made for you to choose dates and times for your raid.


You must be available to play the raid with the sherpa during this date.
Sherpa will either then confirm the time or request a new one. Make sure to check you request notifications in your main site profile regularly.

Then you must enter in the field your Character 's Name EXACTLY as it is written in game.


The kit will then be sent to this account. So make sure it is correct before requesting.

To finish with, you have to leave a message for the Sherpa :



Here is where you give details to your Sherpa, why are you here , what do you need help with, what are your objectives, what is your native spoken language?

Once the request is done, you track your request using The Sherpa Button from Escape From Tarkov website



Thanks a lot for reading this guide  ( all credits for this guide goes to @PIG-Mathieu , Community Representative France. Formatted by @Orbixal)

Good luck in your request, and remember, sherpas are here to help, you can also contact them on the forum if you need anything!


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