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My two biggest problems with the game.

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The first problem is that it's so hard to see stuff in this game at any distance far off or just a good ways away. I have a great gaming pc that has no trouble running other games at 60 fps max graphics but this game just isn't optimized and I know that. But spotting enemies at a distance is unreal. I've tried everything and I just don't know what to do. I see youtube videos of people playing and their game looks crystal clear. I get a bunch of pixelated blurry, white line images when looking a good ways out and I do not know how to get rid of it. As I've said, I've tried everything.

Second is audio. Once again, I have no problem hearing footsteps or shots in other games and figuring out the direction but in this game...oh my god. It's almost pointless to even try because no matter what direction something is happening in it just plays through both ears at the same noise level. If anyone could give me any advice on these two I would much appreciate. I love the game and want to play but these two issues turn me off so much! Thanks! 

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@Wooglesworth to your first point i just can say, that tarkov in 2k or 4k looks very clear, at least if you a have display that offers that. but you need a quiet good pc to run it on that settings with enough fps. i play on a 4k display with 1080p and i can say, if i put it up to 2 or 4k it looks so clean but my pc isnt good enough for this. may this could be a solution in some way:D

edit: and they said in the last update for the road map, they wanna optimise antialaising, this could also make a big improvement for clear vision:) we need to wait:D

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