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Modified items descriptions. M4A1+M203+BED-19


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Weapon Adapters and Picatinny rail allowed to build an adequate response to those vile Russians who fit out their Kalashnikovs with grenade launchers and scopes. BED-19 reflex sight and underbarrel grenade launcher let you destroy enemies of democracy and freedom of speech in the short CQB firefights or by throwing some frags over. If only nothing jammed.
Ammunition types: 5.56x45 NATO and 40x46 grenades


Has grenade launcher
Weapon power: 165
Misfire: 3%
Max distance: 300 м
Accuracy drop from distance: 0.085
Damage drop from distance: 0.02
Weapon class: Automatic
Weight: 4.77 kg
State: 4000/4000
Dirtying: 0/20

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