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Feedback, after 110 hours

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Greetings @BSG and Community!


After about 110 hours of casual gameplay i decided to publicize my thoughts and impressions.

Escape from Tarkov is the very first shooter for me since Counter Strike: Source. So....., it's been a while.


I immediately fell in love with thiose genre changing aspects. I heard about the game a few years ago and thank god! a friend of mine said to me, GET THIS GAME!


As a "non-shooter-player" with years of shooter break, i was kinda overwhelmed by its complexity and realism. The Sound, OMG..... the sound is pure awesomeness.


This feedback shows my personal feedback even if realism might not agree with me.


What i like:


- Sound

- Art (weapon design)

- Art (map design)

- Weapon Customization

- Stash & "Dealer"


The sound of the game is simply amazing, i have never seen anything like that before. Glass, stones, bricks, bushes, water. I love how the resonance space comes into play.

The art itself makes this game so outstandingly good. Keep up the art design! I like the stash, and the "leveling "dealers".


What i slightly dislike, so far:


- Jump behaviour

- Quest progression

- Current 4k implementation


The jump behaviour feels a bit weird at the start but gets better to dealt with later on. I have never been to the army, packed with 30kg of weight and jumped, so i can't make a huge complaint on it. It simply feels a bit weird compared to other games. A slight "boost" to the jump mechanic would be nice.

I do understand the intention with the quest system. The developers want us to explore the maps, see the maps from each point, each corner. I like it. But i think the very specific need for certain items makes this system a flea-market only system. I could see a system of a way more open system, where you decide what you can turn in and depending on the "tier" of the item, you can get different rep-rewards and XP.

I wouldn't say it's bad, but the current system is kinda "heavy" for casuals.

I am running a performant PC.


16gb of RAM

1080 ti


... and i struggle sometimes and get heavy fps drops. I made some work arounds that helped slightly and allways try to keep everything up to date. I hope to see some good progress in optimization in the next 2-3 months.


Overall i really love the game. A friend of me calls it a hardcore shooter for adults and i kinda agree with him. I really like the hardcore fact, espacially when it is on full release where you can't reset your profile.

I think the developement team made some very good decisions when it comes to building a "different" game.


A bit offtopic:


I hope to see a more respective and healthy behaviour between community and developement team. I think the playerbase needs to calm down, REGARDLESS of what happened earlier or not. In general i can tell, in my longtime gamer life.... IF I DON'T MAKE PROBLEMS..... THE DEVS DONT MAKE PROBLEMS.

I really have the highest respect for their communication into our direction. It is in beta yes, BUT this really isn't the self-explanatory thing these days. Some problems and bugs exist yes,  some performance issues exist yes, some angry "internet people" spread hate...yes... that is normal, even in finished games we see it these days.

This game is a hardcore shooter and of course the playerbase expects a "near to perfection" state these days, but come on! I think the hate and ignorance of the playerbase regarding the dev's thoughts and comments is a bit too much. These days its much easier to take over opinions over others, espcially streamers, sadly... Guys, if you enjoy the game, don't attract other people to join your hate train!

With the maps, contents, weapons they have planned, i see this game becoming even bigger! Give them time and stay calm. I am having heavy fps drops.... but i am still enjoying the best shooter out there and we should allways focus on the positive things!


Overall, i really love the work they put into this game. The positives destroy the negatives for me and if the next 12-18 month's will destroy the most  negative issues...iam happy.



Greetings 9_9

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do you like the sound ? more bug out than that is dead scav can hear a man running but you can hear a closet throught 3 miles away XD 

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The soundscape is anemic at this point but yes I agree the individual sounds do sound great.

My gripe is with the combination of those sounds to create a soundscape sounds anemic and is sometimes grating to the ears (thinking rainy levels or wearing comtacs and opening a file cabinet).

I imagine it will improve next year just before release.

Another issue I have is sound propagation. I can't tell when someone is above or below me. And it's also hard to tell if someone is just around the corner or just around the corner and in a room. So I tend to rely on more visual cues and map knowledge, but it'd be nicer if it was clearer. Just my 2 cents.

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