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Patch Notes?


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Hi Everyone!,

It's nice to meet you all and be apart of this community aside from all the recent turmoil. I noticed that there was a mini update today and wanted to know if there was a place where patch notes can be reviewed? I apologize if this question is redundant. To be frank, I did not make use of the search button, but at the same time I don't mind starting a new thread and conversation! Let me know everyone.

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bitcoin miner removed 

3 security holes closed but many more opened up. 

and i think they set fire to a couple orphanages at some point in the process. 



But really i think it was just a launcher update and someone on reddit said something about a 2 factor authentication thing using VK (the Russian Facebook clone thingy) that was apparently in some stuff they found on the github related to the last patch. And i'm not seeing any changes to the launcher that would prove that one way or another yet.

Ssecurity based updates tend to be pretty vague for well security reasons :P

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