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Optics observations. 10.8


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So I went ahead and worked on something, mostly for myself but I figured I'd share.

This is a quick comparison between all the "mil-scale" reticles in the game as well as optics. Theoretically, if all the reticles were set to the correct magnification my rifle's point of impacts shift would all read the same Mil size, this is not the case. So, unfortunately, this means not all Mil- scales are correct, so calling corrections for your friend using a different optic will not be so smooth, nor would figuring out lead or drop on various optics.

I went ahead and added a bit on how to read the reticles as well since it seems a great many folks are confused by this.

For those magically inclined I've added a simple "Ratio" For comparing magnification (the larger the number the more zoom it has), and a Mil ratio to compare the size of mils. If you know you hold 3 mils for a runner with X scope, you can translate it to Y scope using the "cross multiply and divide by the third" method.

Note the mark 4 and the march are not identical.

PSA, There is no longer a 25 mil point of impact shift between the x7 and x35 on the night force.

I really wish we could get some love for the old optics if possible. The hensoldt, for example, should be able to use the 34MM NF rings, as it is also a 34mm tube ( see the ZF3-12 X 56 IRL)

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