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Modified items descriptions. AKM (mod) + GP-30


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The brainchild of the engineering genius of the local underground, a modified AKM with underslung GP-30 grenade launcher. Everything normally attached to the front end (Grip, flashlight and LTSU) are placed in a special pouch and either worn separately, or attached to the stock to make room for the grenade launcher. It resembles the AK-103 somewhat now, but has a slightly higher accuracy due some design features (Rubber inserts to reduce force of impact during operation) It has the same Shock-proof plastic, requires the same ammunition and has the same modes of fire. The stock is not foldable, but is a skeleton type, with adjustable cheek and back plate. The pistol grip has been upgraded with a rubber lining.

Uses 7.62x39mm ammunition and VOG-25 / VOG-25P grenades

Has grenade launcher
Weapon power: 200
Misfire: 1%
Max distance: 350 м
Accuracy drop from distance: 0.095
Damage drop from distance: 0.015
Weapon class: Automatic
Weight: 5 kg
State: 5000/5000
Dirtying: 0/90

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