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Recently I have decided to setup my OBS to record EFT gameplay. I like to setup different channels for different source, like Virtual Cable A (VB A)  for the game, Virtual Cable B for discord etc. That allows me to easily tweak sound when processing the footage. But to my surprise, it is impossible for EFT.
I'm using Sonic Studio 3 (ROG Strix B350-f motherboard) and it does not detect EFT as a sound source. Windows sounds does not see EFT as a sound by itself either. I have tried other means and it seems impossible to set custom sound device routing for EFT.
The workaround I found is changing default device to given device, for example VB A, launching EFT (which sets default device as it's output device) and then switching back to previous default device, with EFT now playing on VB A. The issue with this is extra hassle I have to go through every time I want to launch the game and worsens overall experience.
I would like to note that once VOIP is added, device routing in sound menu will be even more important.

It would be really nice if an extra option in sound menu of choosing which device to use, for both input and output. Also I suspect you have "masked" the program so make sound hacks harder to create but a dedicated hacker will have no issues using the workaround and your "protection" only hinders normal users and content creators.

Thank you for your time,
Loyal player and supporter

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Тоже столкнулся с данной проблемой. Но теперь даже если открыть игру с одной звуковой картой по умолчанию в системе, после переключения на другую, EFT автоматом переходит сразу же на другую. Получается невозможно разделить звук игры и звук группы в TeamSpeak или Discord 

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