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Low Pop servers, Loot Scaling


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I'm an admin in the big OCE discord. We have about 1200+ members, not all of which are active. Recently there has been a lot of talk of playing on West Coast US servers due to the low population in OCE. This has drawn several players away from the OCE servers, making the low population even lower.

The problem is that, as far as I know, the amount of scavs and loot seems to be scaled towards the amount of players in the server. I can see a very strong reason for doing this - to stop people farming up on low population servers. The issue is that this further encourages people to play on servers where they may have 200+ ping, because empty servers are not only devoid of PvP, but also PvE. Arguably, it's simply less rewarding to play on low pop servers. If this change was reversed, then there would be an incentive for people to play on all servers, including their local ones, no matter the population. We should be afforded the same experience no matter the popularity of the server.  

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I should note that Pestily touched on the issue, and the idea of people running around Factory with 200+ ping was very unpopular.

There are a couple of other suggestions I have for tightening up the playerbase.

1) Get rid of the dual lobbies. Instead, stagger the times so that Customs would be 12pm, Shoreline 4pm, Woods 8pm etc. No one would be forced to play night but people would be encouraged to play the same map at the same time as it would be the "day" map. This would make the one or two people who are sneaking around at night play with the rest of the population. Moving forward, as more maps are introduced, I really don't think there's any room for debate on this one - OCE is dead already, there is no way it could support another 10 lobbies.

2) Increase the Waiting for Players time by a minute or two.

3) Increase Scav spawns on low pop servers. Keep loot the same, but make the raid more dangerous. You could even add one the new Scav Raiders for every free PMC slot in the server. Just a thought.

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yeh it's kinda quiet off peak in OCE but it's mainly because the servers run like crap at the best of times. i say fix the server performance first before focusing on some other temporary fix. 

dynamic scaling scavs based on player numbers does sound good though, just thinking it could open the door to another meta 

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its kinda hard to pick a low populated server aswell as if anyone know about a empty or low populated server they wont say which or where so i end up getting pumped by squads allot. There should be "play with solo players only" that way you wont have to face 2-5 guys all the time. 

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