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Modified items descriptions. AKM (mod)+ GP-30 + SUIT optic

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AKM (mod)+ GP-30 + SUIT optic

This weapon is modified by an engineer, and has had an English 4x SUIT optic installed. The SUIT optic allows you to quickly switch from far-off to close combat. Everything normally attached to the front end (Grip, flashlight and LTSU) are placed in a special pouch and either worn separately, or attached to the stock. This allowed for installation of a GP-30 grenade launcher. Which can be used to “deliver a gift” to people behind cover. This greatly enhances the combat profile of this weapon. Despite not being able to use either the LTSU or tactical grip.

Uses 7.62x39mm ammunition and VOG-25 / VOG-25P grenade


Has grenade launcher
Weapon power: 200
Misfire: 1%
Max distance: 400 м
Accuracy drop from distance: 0.08
Damage drop from distance: 0.015
Weapon class: Automatic
Weight: 5.5 kg
State: 5000/5000
Dirtying: 0/90

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