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Best patch so far. But you missed something.

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Nice work on the new update.

The scavs, guns, armour & gameplay needs a little work. 

3 things:

1* Magpul black ironsite doesnt fit on any of the front ar's. Only tan.

2* Don't adjust the loot on the "Raiders" or the "Labs" Because that counteracts having no insurance & losing EVERYTHING AWESOME in that raid.

3* PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. BUUUUFFFFFFF Sniper rifle damage & ammo.


3 Shots to paca with sv-98 using AP round.

14 Shots Rsass with M61 to scav wearing none.

Dvl is okay & could use a working bi-pod.

Remington 700 needs "Hollow point" damage. Because again. 5 shots to the chest of a scav on woods. PACA!


They are sniper rifles right, capable in life of severe devastation & can cause serious harm aka. Death.

So can we bloody fix them to feel like they are heavy weapons. Because right now. They are so underpowered, expensive & no body is using them.



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You are aware that DVL, Remington 700 and RSASS use same ammo?

And you are aware that damage is not statistic of a weapons, but of bullets and cartridges? 

Buffing ammo for RSASS and Remington 700 would mean that SA-58 would be buffed as well. Because it uses same cartridges, but shoots full auto. 

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You can nerf the control characteristics of automatic weapons to make them have increased and more randomised recoil to make it harder to control, increase steadying and ads time, decrease movement speed, adjust the prices of auto and bolt action weapons, and other ways to balance weapons in games.

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