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How about some mobile app of Tarkov?

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Wouldn't be great to be able to get some insured items on the go? I mean, I'm a student and I'm not always able to get all my insure items on time. I think that some sort of app could help with this. 


Imagine this, you have a lot of time to spend on, lets say, public transports, why not use that to get back some items and equip a character so when we get home is just play the first raid without spend a lot of time with that?


I think that the most useful options would be in this area:

-Be able to get refunds

-Send messages & add friends

-Manage inventory and equip character 

-Sell and buy on flea market

-Complete tasks and turn in any item that you might have gotten from the market

-Handbook with items and detailed tasks like the ones we can find at gamepedia


With this I think that every thing besides get into a raid could be present in this app, what do you guys think? Very probably is already an ideia discuted here but I was not able to find any topic on it.

I'm sorry for my english but as you can see is not my native language, neither my second or third xD

Keep up the awesome job!

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It would also be great to use the search function of the forum to see this has been asked, discussed and answered ;)


Q: Do you plan to make a mobile app to get your insurance?

A: We will make an official companion app that will allow you not only chat, but do some stuff like get your insurance, reply to messages, trade etc. but not any time soon.


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