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Form of pre-loading map before entering a raid

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Hello to all interested!

First I want to say that labs has been such a great addition to Tarkov and I'm very excited to see it's development in the future. One issue I've encountered is that depending on a player's loading speeds, all players may not enter a raid at the same. This has made my teammate and I spawn in separate locations and overall have difficulty trying to meet each other and losing valuable raid time. I came up with a suggestion while playing today and was hoping to hear other people's opinions, that suggestion being a pre-load map option in the lobby screen. This would provide people who perhaps don't have as good PC specifications to load in at the same time as others. This has been done in other games such as Arma 3 and would love to see it implemented here! Thanks for reading this if you did and hearing out my suggestion. Cheeki Breeki!

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