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Phantom damage.

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Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured here would be the best place.

I was just in a raid on customs and only made it about 10 minutes before my PMC died. It happens, I am fine with losing the stuff I did because it wasn't much. I am, however, not fine with the way I died. I crossed the water and heard some scavs talking. I slowly made my way around to find where they were. Couldn't spot them so I decided to move on. Out of nowhere I started taking damage to my right arm. I backed away and checked, nothing there that could have hurt me. As I was moving around I spotted a scav sitting between some cars. I thought maybe he shot me, it happens. I shot the scav in the head with a shotgun from about 3 meters away and they didn't die, didn't move, but made noise like they got shot. So i pulled out my pistol and hit him 3 more times in the head, then hacked him with my knife, again in the head. Since he still didn't die, I moved on. Not 15 second later I can barely move and most of my body is shot up. There were no gunshots, no barbed wire, absolutely nothing that could have damaged me. I was able to heal some of it, but died a few minutes later trying to get to an evac point.

This is not the first time this has happened and needs to be fixed. It has happened to me on pretty much every map that I have played (haven't checked out woods or interchange too much)

If there is some way I can fix it on my end then please do let me know. If it is something with the game then it needs to be taken care of immediately.

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